Sunday, July 14, 2013

...Why this?

Aris DeMarco

Hopefully, anyone writing a blog not only really enjoys what they're writing about, but has something useful to say as well... and offers something a bit different from everyone else.

As of late, in the strength and fitness world, it seems as though everyone is anxious to clearly define themselves and not always in a good way. This blog will be about experimentation, free thinking, and doing what works--specific, goal-oriented training. This isn't about 'weights or bodyweight' or 'kettlebells or barbells' or 'bodybuilding or powerlifting', 'west vs. east' or even 'functional/nonfunctional training'; there'll be a bit of everything and we'll try hard not to dismiss anything completely if it can be of some use. 

My own training philosophy is based around training for clearly outlined goals. Maybe you want a bigger squat, a smaller waist, a faster 100m time, another five pullups, thicker forearms; maybe you just want to be healthy, maybe you want more mobility, flexibility, a wider athletic base to compete in your chosen sport. There will always be a best way to accomplish that goal, based on how you enjoy training, the time you have available, the equipment you can use on a regular basis, how quickly you want to reach your goal, what you'll be willing to sacrifice to get there, and so forth.

To progress efficiently, you always have to strive towards finding that 'best way'. 
The 'best way' will always be changing because of you and all the things affecting your training at any given point in time.
You have to know yourself--this will take experimentation and experience. 
You cannot confine yourself to a 'box', trying to use one method to accomplish everything, every time.
Ideally, your training will be a constant evolution, and you'll have more than a little fun along the way. 

We hope to share quality information from a variety of sources, and our own experiences, with you through Affecting Gravity. Reach us via comments and emails to 

...I've been training about five years. I started out because I didn't want to embarrass myself in my highschool gym class' 'presidential fitness test' and never looked back after that. First it was an emotional outlet, then, a fun way to pass the time. Eventually my training became a huge part of my life.

The first year or so was spent doing a lot of bodyweight exercises (at first I weighed under 110 pounds at 5'8'' and couldn't do one full chinup or more than 10 pushups--this was *after* my big teen growth spurt) and running with the school track team.

In the next year or so I added kettlebells, sandbag and stone lifting and more advanced bodyweight exercises. When I went to college I started lifting in earnest, I remember being enthused about working up to a 255lb deadlift in my first session.

Now, a few years later, I've deadlifted triple bodyweight (412.5) in a competition with the Strongfirst Deadlift Team, I can do a full one arm pullup with my right arm and strict overhead press more than my own weight just about anytime I want... I've made decent progress in the past few years but really, I'm only just beginning. 

I'll be writing about:
-Program design and exercise selection
-density training
-Bodyweight exercises for general fitness, and progressions to approach higher levels
-odd object lifting
-kettlebell training
-lift/exercise tutorials 
-the training of individuals from the pre-drug era

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