Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's this?!


Yet another training blog? Yeah. All about showing our abs with a lot of work done in form of crunches and photoshop for “inspiration”? Nah, not this time. This is not about me, it’s about my hobbies.

My name is Alex and I’m a 26 year old from Sweden. I started training when I was 13, to get in shape and back then, all I did was pushups and situps. They went from zero to sets of 50+ and after that I knew training could deliver results.

Later came some thai boxing training for a few years and after that I started training more seriously at home. The search for my own training style began! I’ve been messing around with many different things here: kettlebells, rubber bands, bodyweight training and free weights but the last year and a half has been the most productive and serious.

One way of looking at your feet.

 You’ll see in my posts that I’m not an endurance or cross training athlete, not bodybuilding, not classic strength training or conditioning either. I try to train strength through movements and skills that really push my boundaries every session I do, using minimal equipment and space.

I don’t care if the movements come from gymnastics, climbing, circus or Arnold – if it’s fun and awesome, it’s worth mastering!

My posts will be about: 
-No space, low on equipment training for max strength
        -Gymnastics fun
       -Methods from rock climbing, bastardized!
       -Philosophy related to training, super deep thoughts!
        -Weak point bodybuilding, (meaning the whole body then.. .
        -Grip and finger work / for the T-rexes

       And photoshopped pics with great lightning. 

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