Friday, July 12, 2013

An introduction

Welcome! This is a blog about strength training, athletic performance, and general fitness. It has several authors, but we share the following: a commitment to intelligent, specific, goal-oriented training; and a desire to defy gravity whether it’s by lifting something heavy… or ourselves.

Topics that will be covered—
·         Gymnastic/bodyweight strength training and progressions
·         Density training formats
·         Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning training
·         Strength training with minimalistic equipment
·         Autoregulated/instinctive training outlines
·         Nutrition
·         High frequency training
·         Grip strength
·         Lift/exercise and DIY equipment tutorials
·         Programs and workouts that we’ve had success with
·         Commentary on cool books, videos and articles
·         ‘Lifter profiles’ detailing the training methods and philosophy of some very strong men (and women!)

…There should be something for everyone here. We do not consider ourselves affiliated with any individual, group, company, cult, cadre, guru or ‘fitness movement’—we have respect only for what works and take what is useful from wherever we find it. We believe in open minded sharing of information, outside-the-box thinking and experimentation in our training to become as strong, athletic, and physically capable as we can possibly be. 


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