Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Great Squat Experiment, Week 9

Wednesday, 12/3/14

Competition Squats

 - 365x1 (added belt before this)

 - 405x1

 - 435lbs x 4 - PR +2 reps - had room for at least on more rep.

 - 405lbs x 3

Wider Sumo Deadlifts - moving closer to competition stance.

 - 365x1

 - 405x1

 - 455x1

 - 475lbs x 3 - +10lbs PR at 3 reps

- 455lbs x 3

Thursday, 12/4/14

More Low Bar Competition Squats!

 - 365x1 (belt is on at this point)

 - 405x1

 - 445x3 - PR!

 - 425x3

 - 405x2

Close Grip Bench (Paused)

 - 225x1

 - 235x5x4 sets - Felt fantastic, except for the last set. My elbows started to give me a little trouble at that point, which typically happens after a couple of low bar sessions. Still got the work in though.

Some random accessory stuff to finish out the day.

Friday, 12/5/14

Beltless Paused High Bar

 - 365x1

 - 375x2 - PR +1 rep

 - 355x4 - PR +1 rep

Some accessory work, and done. Squats are going fantastically.

Saturday, 12/6/14

High Bar Squats w/ 4-count eccentrics

 - 365x1

 - 395x3 - +10lb PR

 - 365x5 - new 5RM on this lift

All this despite feeling very crappy going in. The end of the week always feels very crappy for me, probably due to the accumulated volume throughout the week. Finished up with some rear delt work, some transverse ab work, and a little stretching of the external rotators and called it a day.

Sunday, 12/7/14

Front Squats

 - 315x1

 - 365xfail - bar was just not sitting in the rack like it should. Dropped it on the way down and said screw it.

 - 315x2, 2

Called it a day. Kinda pissed off about the performance here. Positionally it just wasn't there today.

Monday, 12/8/14

Bench Press

 - 225x3

 - 245x3

 - 270x3 - ties a PR triple

 - 245x3

 - 225x3

Some miscellaneous circuit work involving glutes, anti-rotational work, and hanging

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