Monday, January 6, 2014

Training Summary: 12/30/13 - 1/05/14

By: Josh Trammell

'Get in Shape' Training Cycle, Week 3

  1. Front Squats - 215x6x6 sets; 60s rest
  2. Conventional DL - 285x5x5 sets; 60s rest
  3. Single-Leg (SL) Hip Thrusts - 70x12/10 (L/R)x3 sets/leg; 
  4. Leg Curls - 4x15 @ 130lbs; slow and controlled; 60s rest
  5. Side Bends - 4x10 @ 80lbs/side
Ugh. This session was horrible. Fast moving, focusing on building up some volume and putting on a little muscle here and there. 

  1. Paused Close-Grip Bench Press - 205x5x3 sets; 185x5x2 sets; 165x5x3 sets; 60s rest
  2. Weighted Dips - 45x12x4 sets; Bodyweight (BW) x 15; 60s rest
  3. Posterior Delt Swings (a la John Meadows) - 35x20x4 sets; rotate b/w 3 and 4
  4. Close Grip Push-Ups - 4 x max (21,17,17,13)
  5. Bicep Curls - 15x15x3 sets; 60s rest
  1. 5-second Paused High Bar (HB) Back Squats - 225x3x10 sets; 60s rest
  2. Sumo DL - up to 405x2x1 set; 325x2x7 sets; 60s rest
  3. Snatch Grip Deads - 255x6x2 sets
  4. Constant Tension Hip Thrusts (thanks Bret Contreras) - 185x15x3 sets; 60s rest
  1. Close-Grip Incline - 350 Method (thanks to Paul Carter) - 145x21; 145x14; 145x12; - total 47 reps
  2. Weighted Dips - 45x10; 70x10x3 sets; BWx16; 60s rest
  3. Rear Delt Swings - 45x15x4 sets
  4. Lying DB Tricep Extensions - 22.5lbs x 10x4 sets
  5. Chest Flies - 45x12x3 sets
  6. Stability Ball (SB) Roll-Out - 3x10
  7. Eccentric Curls (Prehab) - 8 second eccentrics/rep - 10x5x3 sets/arm;
  1. Competition Squats - 365x1; 260x4; 280x4; 295x4
  2. 'Retraction Shrugs' - 30x15x2 sets
After training for my last powerlifting meet, I realized I was woefully out of shape. This 6-week training cycle was created to address that, and a few weaknesses (triceps, midback/posterior delts, pauses at weak positions). Overall, it was a solid training week. It may look like a lot of volume, but the weights are pretty low (for me), so 3 weeks in and I'm still recovering like a champ and rarely get sore. 

This week was the first time I've gone remotely heavy since my last powerlifting meet about a month ago; I was pleased with the sumo and the heavyish single with my competition squat stance. 

Been gym hopping all this past week, so I skipped some other upper back work due to lack of equipment/time, but I'll be getting back to it this week. 

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